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Technology & Nerdy Stuff / Computer running at 0.38 GHz
Last post by Senkusha - Sunday, April 21, 2024, 20:59
So, I've had this Alienware R13 for about a year and a half now.  This is an amazing PC, but it has a problem.  For some reason, despite the specs listed below, currently, I'm only able to use 0.38 GHz of my processor.  I've already tried a BIOS upgrade and I've updated all the drivers from Dell's website.  I still have the problem though.  When I had this problem last year, a BIOS upgrade fixed the issue.  I'm at a loss.

12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900KF

Base speed: 3.19 GHz
Sockets: 1
Cores: 16
Logical processors: 24
Virtualization: Enabled
L1 cache: 1.4 MB
L2 cache: 14.0 MB
L3 cache: 30.0 MB

Utilization 2%
Speed 0.38 GHz
Up time 0:01:12:07
Processes 255
Threads 4469
Handles 135775
Bubble Pop Paradox / Re: Progress Log
Last post by Senkusha - Friday, April 19, 2024, 08:30
There's a couple of bugs that I've tried to quickly work on before getting to work this morning.  I was unsuccessful at resolving:

  • My laser bolts are not destroying the Dodgeballs.
  • I need to examine the logic for my Bounce condition.  It appears to be backwards, yet is working as it should.  Confused.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 083330.png
Bubble Pop Paradox / Re: Progress Log
Last post by Senkusha - Thursday, April 18, 2024, 21:59
It may not look like I got a lot accomplished today, but I actual did complete a number of tasks.

  • I defined the Input Mapping System, so I don't have to hard code my inputs for Character Movement or Camera Manipulation.
  • I imported a prototype character from VRoid Studio.  (No animations just yet.)
  • I defined the HUD / User Interface, and applied a center crosshairs target.
  • I created two projectiles, a laser energy weapon, and a dodgeball.  The dodgeball bounces upon impact (unless it hits the player, then it explodes.
  • I lined up the Energy weapon with the crosshairs.
  • I made the camera only move when holding down the Right Mouse button.
  • I got rid of the annoying initial mouse click to begin playing the game.
  • I setup a DodgeBall Spawner that will create a Dodgeball every one second.
  • I added the basic sound effects for the Dodgeball and the Laser weapon.


Bubble Pop Paradox / Progress Log
Last post by Senkusha - Thursday, April 18, 2024, 10:08
This is going to be my online diary of my development progress, my developers log.  I'll include screenshots as I progress through my development goals.  Today, I've opened a totally blank project.  I was originally going to do an Open World beginning, but I guess the developers at Epic decided to remove that option.  So, a blank project it is.  I'm going to build the Third Person controls and camera system from the ground up in an attempt to understand what they all do better.  So, here's the first entry:  I welcome you to the world of Bubble Pop Paradox!


I have no idea what this warning means yet, but I'll figure it out in short order.  My first task is to add the Third Person camera and Player into the world.  I'll use the typical Mannequin for now.

My character goals include:
  • The ability to choose between several "All Star" anime characters, that I'll have to meticulously design from scratch in VRoid Studio.
  • Each character will represent a different "Class", certain advantages, skills, special abilities and unique disadvantages that will add to the Player's enjoyment and play-ability (mostly, mine!)
  • I'll also have to include a mechanic that reduces the size of the character model by a percentage (right now, I'm thinking 1%) to add an incentive to not get hit by the incoming objects (dodge-balls)
  • I'm going to give each character a unique offensive energy based weapon that can be used to destroy incoming objects, however, my goal is to only use this as a last resort, destroying the ball also damages or destroys the prize inside.
  • Each character will have a set of five critical Stats:  Agility, Brawn, Cunning, Determination, and Empathy.  These values will be initially set based on the character that is chosen, but can be increased (or decreased) via game play.

My goals for the "Enemy" include:
  • Initially the enemy is a dodge ball.  I want the ball to react normally to anime based physics!
  • Inside each ball is a 1% probability that it will contain some sort of prize.  This prize will be intelligent randomly chosen and can include size re-adjustments, buffs, special abilities, additional weapons and attacks, etc.
  • Later, I plan to introduce rivals modeled after my protagonist anime models that will include specialized Artificial Intelligence, and dialog.  My goal for this game is not to be a killing type game, but one that encourages typical Shoujo tropes, such as friendship and overcoming obstacles with teamwork and problem solving.

My goals for the game play mechanics and build include:
  • I'm primary going to focus on keyboard and mouse movement controls.  I'll add game pad controls later, if I feel it'll enhance the game play control.
  • I want to use as many free assets as I can find.  I don't want this project to become a financial sinkhole.  And I want other people, if they choose to follow along, can build the game in their own style.  I won't be posting how I accomplish things in this log, because there's an entire section on the website dedicated towards working with these free tools, this is only a diary outlining my progress.
  • The world will be an open world, meaning that the player can freely explore the area that I make.  I want to try to make much of the world dynamically generated, that way, things are in different places every time a player enters the game.  Some things, such as critical landmarks and objectives will probably remain pinned down, but I want the goodies to be dynamically placed.
Annoucements and Updates / Re: Message Prefixes and a New...
Last post by Senkusha - Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 20:40
Mostly, I've implemented this rule to rule out spammers.  I have the site set up right now, so that when you become a member, the ONLY board you'll see is the Member Introductions board.  It's far easier to catch a spammer there, then have to keep an eye on on EVERY board.  Besides, it's a good etiquette to post an introduction, I believe.
General Discussion Topics / Re: Solor Eclipse 2024
Last post by Senkusha - Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 20:38
I've seen some videos on TikTok from people in the Dallas area.  That would have been impressive to be a part of.  Oh well, maybe in 20 years, assuming I can get to the location of the next eclipse. :)
Technology & Nerdy Stuff / Re: Creative Technology Tutori...
Last post by Senkusha - Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 20:37
I don't know much about HTML, but I do know that it's a formatting language.  HTML 5 allows you to incorporate media stuff for music and videos and probably a few other advanced things too.

For writing HTML, I like using a programming interface, like Visual Studio.  You're writing basic text files that can be read by Notepad, but something like Visual Studio will allow you to automatically indent, color-highlight syntax and keywords and will have auto-fill suggestions (Intellitype).

I also know that <table> was used a lot when I first started writing web pages, but has since been replaced by the more flexible <div> tag.  Also, if you learn a good bit about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), that'll help a lot too.  There's a lot of powerful commands in the CSS files you can do within HTML5 these days.

One other thing you might want to learn is a web programming language such as PHP, which will allow you to create dynamic web pages, that get content from within a database.  It took me about two weeks to get comfortable with PHP, so it's not really that difficult to learn.  Finally for coding, you'll want to learn some JavaScript.  That will allow you to do some other advanced things without having to constantly refresh the webpage, as that code runs in the browser on the visiting computer, not the server hosting the webpage.

Now that you're head surely has exploded with info-dump, how would you like to proceed?
Bubble Pop Paradox / What is Bubble Pop Paradox?
Last post by Senkusha - Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 20:29
Bubble Pop Paradox was originally a role playing game I Mastered a few years back, in which the group of us traveled through various anime worlds, trying not to disturb the series' timelines  Now that I've gotten a renewed passion for game design and crafting again (I bit off more than I could chew for my AniMyth project), I'm trying something quite simple!

So the game play of the setting is in third person.  You're going to be a random anime character.  Each character I design will have specific advantages and certain disadvantages.  I'm going to craft each character inside VRoid Studio, and I'm hoping to make parodies of famous anime characters -- just in the event this game actually takes off and becomes popular enough that I can afford to retire from my day job. 8)

The game is a fun version of Dodge Ball with some Volleyball mixed in.  You're navigating a maze, a labyrinth, filled with various treasures and danger lurks around the corners.  While attempting to not getting lost, you have to dodge random balls traveling down the corridors.  If you get hit by a ball, you're character shrinks by one percent.  (Notice that you'll never actually reach zero, since 1% of 100% will leave you at 99%, but 1% of 99% will leave you at slightly about 98%, not 98%.  You'll have the option to shoot at the balls to avoid getting (eventually) crushed by the balls, and  you'll gain magical attacks, gymnastic feats,  and special abilities -- like short range teleportation, for example.

I'm even thinking of making a version that can be played on a mobile phone, so that it's not going to be too resource intensive.  But I'm still just in the dreaming phase.  Right now, what I'm looking for are ideas that can be used to enhance the game play experience.  Would you play a simple-minded game like this?
Annoucements and Updates / Re: Message Prefixes and a New...
Last post by ZandraJoi - Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 12:46
Quote from: Senkusha on Saturday, April 13, 2024, 21:59Not much has been added lately, however, I've added a feature to include a prefix to each message in select boards.  I'll be adding more prefix categories as needed!  If you have any suggestions for prefixes, please let me know!

Also, in an attempt to cut down on potential spam accounts, I'm making a new rule that states:  New member registrations will have the period of one week to make an introduction post or risk their account being deleted.  We running a community here, and that requires participation.  Please if you haven't already done so, consider making an Introduction post so that we (the group) knows that you're not just a marketing or SPAM bot.  This policy goes into effect immediately.  (If you've already posted other places on the forum, please disregard, this notice is only for newly established accounts.)  Thank you!

That's about it!  Have fun!
What can be done is create the intro post & tag them. Some people like making their own. Since I approve members, as soon as I approve, I create the thread welcoming them. Sometimes they come back. Other times, they don't!
But I do understand having accounts & they don't post. I don't have a rule so members are welcomed back at anytime, but it sure would be nice if ALL my members posted lol
General Discussion Topics / Re: Solor Eclipse 2024
Last post by ZandraJoi - Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 12:42
I don't feel different. I DO get in awe however at outer space & what it involves. Just like I do when being in nature.
I have family in Texas who was at the Totality mark & they sent over some pictures.