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Anime Deconstructions

Started by Senkusha, Sunday, November 19, 2023, 08:06

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I saw on Reddit a conversation where there was an argument about if Madoka and Neon Genesis Evangelion are deconstructions of the magical girl and Mecha genes, respectively.  I thought it would be interesting to see how the reality of being a Magical Girl or Mecha Pilot or Martial Artist  would be like in real life.  

I'm not an expert at many of these genres, and I would probably focus on the Magical Girl genre.  I'd like to see if anyone else would like to take up a similar challenge.

Just for clarity, here is the official definition of what a Deconstruction is:
QuoteDeconstruction doesn't actually mean "demolition;" instead it means "breaking down" or analyzing something (especially the words in a work of fiction or nonfiction) to discover its true significance, which is supposedly almost never exactly what the author intended.

Favored Class:  Magical Girl