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What's the next stage after Capitalism?

Started by Senkusha, Thursday, March 21, 2024, 11:50

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I saw a post on TikTok last night that got me thinking.  The person talking on the video was explaining that there really isn't much difference between Feudalism and Capitalism.  The vocabulary was changed.  Instead of Lords and Nobility, and Peasants, you've got Employers, Investors and Employees.  The lower class continues to be exploited by the wealthy Employers and Investors.  The only difference besides the titles and the motivation to work is that we have more choice in what we as workers do to earn our lives.  We can choose what occupation we do to earn money.  And, if the planets align, and we make the correct decisions, we too can invest, and try to climb up out of poverty.

I got to thinking, if Capitalism is the natural evolution in the various economic engines that provide civilization to prosper, then what's the next phase?  Will we finally turn this pyramid structure we currently have a few overloads hoarding all the wealth at the top into a circle, where everybody shares equally and everybody has a chance to actually prosper as a collective?  Is this [the evil] Socialism?

What do you think the next phase of economic models will be for humanity?

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If We The People don't shape up, it will just go downhill.
We The People are this country. The Government is only a handful of people compared to the rest of the population. They live in wealth regardless of what is going on in this world.
& we already have several Elites hoarding the wealth.