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Welcome to the Shadows...

Started by Kokoro, Sunday, June 05, 2022, 19:13

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Anime Paroxysm, is a semi-futuristic game that is taking place on our beloved Earth.  Tragedy has struck the planet, wiping out millions of people, and trapping others in a life of mere survival...

This is an anime based game.  You will be playing a character, from any anime series you feel comfortable with. 

All of the books are open to use.  Talk to the Game Mistress (that's me) about any skill, weapon, cybernetic options you wish to employ into the game.

The mood of the game is a dark, gritty one.  Feel free to take your Anime Character and warp them.  They WILL NOT be the same as in the series where they originated from.  These are horrible times on Earth.  Characters that typically have dimensional travel, galactic membership, etc, will be stuck on Earth, and unreachable to their original "home world"  Feel free to amp up your character, install cybernetic implants.  Change their habits, their over all mood.  Instead of being cheery all the time, maybe give them some angst.  There will be lots of opportunities for characters to remiss about "the good old days" with each other.  Lost loves, broken friendships.

Feel free to look at my character(s) for an idea of what the game will look like.  Please direct any questions you may have, or inquiries about joining the game as a Reply to this topic.  It will be monitored against any inappropriate comments.

Your post can be as long as you'd like it to be.  The longer the post, the more hooks other players have a chance to jump in, perhaps aid you, or maybe you've just made some enemies from a rival Team.  Also, in this type of a setting, perhaps you made up Max and Riku, and maybe the waitress.  At this point, you're sitting next to her, you learn her name is Lauren and that she's a stripper part-time, and maybe she thinks the owner of the place where she works, we'll call it "Quarter Shot" (because you have to pay a quarter to get into the private show room, each time a stripper comes up to you, maybe you're expected to give her a quarter...?) is using part of her tips for something else than paying her wage.

I look forward to seeing you inside of Hell!  (And always remember, Have Fun!