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Started by Kokoro, Monday, May 16, 2022, 14:25

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Tonight, Tenchi announces his decision of which girl he will marry during the evening meal.  Everybody is excited and is tense with anxiety.  Sasami's in the kitchen brewing up a seven course meal, Ryoko is lounging, pretending to watch TV, but really has her mind on tonight.  Ayeka is stuck in her room, undecided about what to wear, while Mihoshi and Kioyne are holding off on their scheduled security check around Sol to hear the decision.  Even Washu has left her lab to hear the news...  There's just one problem.  Tenchi is no where to be found!

Join us as one of the cast in the search for Tenchi, before time runs out and the fate of the very universe is decided, for better, or for worse!

Game System:  Currently none.
Rating:  PG-13

Cast: (Other minor characters are welcome too!)
Ayeka - Kokoro
Katsuhito -
Ken-ohki -
Kiyone -
Mihoshi -
Mitsuki - 
Nagi -
Nobuyuki -
Ryoko -
Ryo-ooki -
Sasami -
Tenchi -
Washu -

To join, simply reply to this post with the name of the character you wish to play as.